Cub Pack (Age 8-10)

Outdoor Adventure Challenging hikes, weekend camps, and an introduction to water activities like canoeing or kayaking are just a few of the fun outdoor adventures that Cubs enjoy. With the Cub motto of “Do Your Best” front and center, Cubs are encouraged to try new and more challenging activities. Learning important first aid skills, paddling a canoe for the first time, or leading a game at camp will open the door for Cubs to try other adventures they never thought possible. Cubs also experience an exciting variety of other activities: games and sports, model-building, music, story-telling and play-acting. And like Beavers, Cubs enjoy their adventures with their friends.

Cubs Promise:

I promise to do my best
To love and serve God, to do my duty to the Queen;
To keep the law of the Wolf Cub pack,
And to do a good turn for somebody every day.

Cubs Law:

The Cub respects the Old Wolf,
The Cub respects himself/herself.

Cubs Motto:

Do Your Best

Wondering where your badges go?

幼童軍支部 ( 8 -10歲 )

幼童軍活動可說是多姿多采,在幼童軍領袖的領導下,透過野外活動、認識社區、嘉年華會等歡愉的活動,一起從遊戲及小組中學習童軍精神及 基本戶外技能,關懷及幫助別人,培養責任感,發展潛能和創造力,以促進8歲至10歲之少年身心及精神之陶冶與啟發,貫徹整個童軍運動的連續性訓練計劃,達到幼童軍支部的宗旨。

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