When and where do we meet?

For indoor meetings, Beavers, Cubs and Scouts meet on Sunday mornings at the Capitol Hill Community Association. Venturers set their own meeting schedule and locations after group discussion. Each section will also have monthly outings.

For general questions, please refer to Scouts Canada’s Frequently Asked Questions or Parent Resources.

Group Committee

Our Group Committee is led by our Group Commissioner and consists of Scouters and a committee of members chosen in the Annual General Meeting. Their responsibilities are as follows:

  • Direct programs and activities to ensure they follow Scouts Canada guidelines
  • Review outcomes of activities to see whether they have served their purpose.
  • Make recommendations, accountable for financial spending of each scout section and fundraising.
  • Suggest ideas that would benefit 288 Calgary Chinese Group as a whole.

我們的童軍小組由專員領導,由童軍領袖和在年度會員大會上選定的成員委員會組成。經他們的同意,委員會成員得到提名,投票和任命。他們的職責是: 指導計劃和活動,以確保其按照童軍加拿大的指導方針順利進行審查活動的結果, 亦對每個童軍部門的財務支出和籌款負責, 提出對整個288 Calgary Chinese Group都有利的想法。

Current Committee Members:

  • Commissioner: Patrick Wong
  • Secretary: Megan Wong
  • Registrar: May Wong
  • Treasurer: Peggy Li
  • Fundraising Coordinators: Wendy Wong & Patrick Wong