For general questions, please refer to Scouts Canada’s Frequently Asked Questions or Parent Resources.

When and where do we meet?

For indoor meetings, Beavers, Cubs and Scouts meet on Sunday mornings at the Capitol Hill Community Association. Venturers set their own meeting schedule and locations after group discussion. Each section will also have monthly outings.


What type of activities does Scouts undergo?

Kids in Scouts are provided with the opportunity to partake in a range of activities. Through camping, hiking, snowshoeing and paddling, they discover the outdoors. With hands on learning youth take an active role in planning camping trips, activities and community service projects like food drives, shoreline clean ups and tree planting. Promoting an active and healthy lifestyle, Scouts participate in other outdoor activities like biking, rock climbing and playing games. Outdoor Adventures Skills program covers a variety of areas: Vertical Skills, Sailing Skills, Aquatics, Scout craft, Camping Skills, Trail Skills and Winter Skills. Each category is made up of 9 stages with badges awarded for each stage. Under the mentorship of scouters, youth can attempt the type of skills which best suit their interest but within their capability, and continue challenging themselves to higher stages with great confidence.

For monthly outdoor activity, 288 Calgary Group offers a wide range of seasonal outdoor adventures, they are: 4 camping trips : Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter with the first 3 backpacking and the last one indoor. Hiking, biking, sailing, canoeing, and kayaking in summer Skiing/snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking in winter. Group lessons for sporting activities such as skiing and sailing will be offered at a discount rate by collaborating with different organizations. In addition, there will be numerous events held throughout the year, from servicing community to Calgary Flames Scouts Night Sleepover, the purpose of which is to advise scouts how to contribute to the society, or socialize with other scout groups while enjoying the game and having fun.


How can parents become volunteers?

Parents are encouraged to volunteer as scouters who will receive training through online courses. They play an important role in facilitating many programs including indoor meetings, outdoor adventures, fundraising as well as guiding youth to engage in activities in a safe environment.  Check the Scouts Canada Volunteer Overview page for more information on how to join.